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Welcome aboard, shipmates! My wife, Frances, and I established MARITIME HEADHUNTERS
- for YOU! 

I have been in the maritime industry over 30 years, and have sailed both unlicensed and as an officer on over 40 ships and boats – from tugs to tankers, fish processors to passenger vessels. I know what jobs are out there – and what their duties entail.

After you register with us I will PERSONALLY call you so I can get to know you – and what you want in a maritime job.

With our contacts, and YOUR EXPERTISE, it’s time to get your sea bag packed - we’ll have YOU on the job soon!

                                                                   Smooth Sailin'
                                               Captain Kelly Sweeney

REGISTER WITH US TODAY!  It’s easy! Just give your contact info (Name, Phone Number, and E-mail address) to us by e-mail, phone, or regular mail.

                                                       Ph: 360-678-3350
                                                       Mail: PO Box 7, Greenbank, WA 98253

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