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Columbia Pacific Maritime is a US Coast Guard approved training school located in northeast Portland, Oregon near the Portland International Airport that focuses on the training needs for mariners employed on uninspected vessels and inspected vessels of 200 tons and less.
Web Site:  Columbia Pacific Maritime

   Toll Free Phone: 1-877-SEA-BUOY or Local: 425-778-1923
Web Site:
Compass Courses Maritime Training


Mission: to provide consistency and excellence in training individuals and professional mariners to the highest standards required by the United States' Coast Guard for successful licensure, upgrades and endorsements for the professional maritime industry.

Marine Exchange of Puget Sound
"A member-based, non-profit maritime organization providing the Puget Sound maritime and commercial communities with information, communications and services that aid safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible maritime and commercial operations"
Web site:  Marine Exchange of Puget Sound

Marine Exchange of Southern California
an eighty plus year old, nonprofit organization established in 1923 dedicated to the development and efficient flow of maritime commerce throughout the region.
Web site: Marine Exchange of Southern California

Flagship Image

Professional Grade License Training and Credentialing for Seasoned Mariners
Web site: Flagship Maritime

Assistance Towing & Rambling Maritime Information

Capt. Richard J. Rodriguez, Merchant Marine Captain

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