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I went to Captain Sweeney to get help with finding work. He found me two jobs, the first one a short gig and the second a steady job. I am now the Chief Steward and a permanent employee. If anyone is in need of work, whether you're new to the field or have been in it for years I highly recommend Captain Sweeney. He takes the time and works with you to find the best for you. I would bet my name and reputation on it.

- Jonathan Johnson

I love working with Captain Sweeney. He has placed me in some of the most rewarding positions. The current position I have is a dream job. Great people, awesome boat, and worldwide travel. It is what I have always wanted for my maritme career. I would recommend Captain Sweeney to any employer or mariner looking to fill a position with quality sailors or to any sailor looking for a great opportunity. Thank you, Captain Sweeney!

- Zach Selznick

Thanks again for helping me. It has been an amazing experience.

- Dale Carlson

I had a great experience with Capt. Kelly and Maritime Headhunters! Kelly has sailed many years with various companies and knows this industry. His reputation in the industry is exceptional and his ability to put the right people in the right place serves both the employer and the mariner. I was looking for something different in this industry and he definitely delivered.

- Steve Jenner

Captain Sweeney of Maritime Headhunters LLC goes above and beyond to get you the right job. He gets to know you and works with you to find your best opportunity. I highly recommend Maritime Headhunter’s services and would definitely use them again.

- Ryan Frost

Captain Kelly Sweeney has my highest recommendation!

- Jordan Ziska

Captain Sweeney was extremely diligent in finding work. My work experience with Maritime Headhunters was very positive, and I would use his service again.

- India Grammatica

Captain Kelly Sweeney went to great lengths to find me the position I sought, and I am sailing as a second mate on a vessel on the west coast. Thank you Sir, for finding what I wanted and needed.

- Odell Griggs, Jr.

The hype is real! No sooner did I register with Captain Sweeney than he had two job offers waiting for me. Being the straight shooter that he is, everything he said about the employer was spot on. No disappointments, no surprises. I plan to stay the course with the Captain.

- Sahr Sankoh

Capt. Sweeney has been helpful in placing me in well paying positions in my chosen career, and vessel types I find interesting and engaging! On top of which his rates are competitive and minimal compared to many others in the industry. Helpful, supportive, positive, realistic, and straightforward are all great attributes that Capt. Sweeney possess' that are encouraging to work with when trying to find a career. He is good shipmate and good man to have working for you.

- Anthony Atthowe

Captain Kelly Sweeney is the one and only Maritime Headhunter/Employment service I will ever use. He is a true Professional and cares for you and your well being while charging a modest rate for his services he will find you the right job placement when needed. I have recommended him highly to others who have used his service and they are very happy.

- Chris Miller

I've lived in the Puget Sound area for over six years. After a two year medical sabbatical, I discovered Captain Sweeney and registered with him. Within one week of our initial phone call, he had a job opportunity for me.

Captain Sweeney is a professional recruiter, but he also takes the time to get to know his clients individually and find them opportunities that are a great fit. His truly does have the connections to help you further your career. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him and would not hesitate to recommend him in the future. Thank you!

- Kirsten Hervey

I really appreciate all your help during my job search. I have contacted other maritime staffing agencies and I must say you were the only one to follow through on your word. We talked personally on the phone and email numerous times. You have generously shared your expertise and experience with me, and I truly appreciate the support and the networking contacts you have given me during this time. I truly appreciate the time you spent to help me. Thanks to you I was able to receive a job within two weeks.

- Edgar Walker

With so many qualified captains and so few available jobs it seems the only ones getting jobs are the ones who have the ear of potential employers. Kelly Sweeney's company has their ear. This is so, I believe, because he is a professional who takes the time to read the resumes, review their documents, check the references and knows the mariner will fit both with the company and the job requirements before he submits their credentials. At least this was my experience.

His agreement was simple and I did not feel the need to have a lawyer review it before I signed on the dotted line. I did not have to sign over the rights to my paychecks before he got me the job and he found a "fee paid" job where the employer paid the fee. He did not attempt to double dip as I have heard some of the other agencies do. I got the job I was looking for, the employer got the captain they were looking for, and the agency got credit for a job well done. Now that is a win win win! Nobody loses. Thank you Captain Sweeney.

I recommend this company to both those looking for a job and those looking to employ a mariner.

- Nick Chiappini

Kelly (as Capt. Sweeney usually prefers you call him) hooked me up with an awesome ATB gig in the Arctic for the summer. No B.S. signing up with him and the company even paid his fee. Awesome job Kelly! I'll be in touch soon!

- Conor Crowley

Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran, Maritime Head Hunters can place you in the position that is right for you, and keep you covered through thick and thin. No matter if you are in a pinch looking for a two-month slot, or seeking the right permanent position, it is hard to go wrong when Captain Kelly Sweeney has your back.

- Mike McCoy

Just wanted to say thank you for finding me a great job! I was skeptical about dealing with people who I never met before on the internet but found out you are very trustworthy and very honest. It is hard to find good people like you. Thanks again! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

- Michael Burley

Captain Kelly Sweeney has been absolutely amazing for me throughout the past year. As a graduate from Seattle Maritime Academy in 2014, he helped me get a great position as a QMED right away. He is an outstanding mariner who truly keeps to his word and works extra for you to insure you will continue sailing. Being a new mariner he has given me professional advice and guidance in the industry to ensure that I reach all my goals and obtain all licenses and qualifications I need to upgrade. I highly recommend Maritime Headhunters LLC for new and current mariners, you will not be disappointed. Safe sailing!

- Gregory Kononchik

I met Kelly when I was taking my STCW class. He told me he could find me a job cooking. The problem is, I was in my 40's, and had never worked on a ship before. Everywhere I applied nobody would give me a chance. But Kelly worked with me throughout the year, and not only did he help me get a job, but I truly believe the job he helped me get, was the best possible job for a person like me. Now I'm making great money, and I have a future with the company. Thanks Kelly Sweeney.

- Harrold Gomez

I was new in the merchant marine industry having just received my AB ticket, and while jobs were tough to find I called Kelly Sweeney and with his prompt assistance I was able to secure a position aboard a high respected ship. He handled everything very professionally and was always friendly and supportive throughout the process. I would highly recommend Sweeney's headhunter services to other mariners at any level.

- Matt Ursin

I have used Capt. Sweeney's service twice now. His fees are very reasonable and I never have to wait more than a few days for him to contact me with an open position. I am extremely pleased with Capt. Sweeney and the service he has provided for me!

- Timothy Curtis

Captain Kelly was quite helpful to me in finding a new job. Kelly was very responsive, and actually found me two positions to choose from within the first week. I was happy with the outcome and would not hesitate to call on him in the future.

- John Lavergne

Captain Sweeney has for a long time been and is a fulcrum into the maritime industry. Working with him has presented priceless opportunities for me; opportunities where I could develop, grow and thrive as a merchant mariner. And he will keep you busy!

- Matrik Stein

Kelly Sweeney is a great person. He has helped me out with finding a job quick. He has helped me ship out with one company so far and I have been satisfied with It. He is a good guy and he is trustworthy and he is willing to help anyone that needs help finding a job.

- Matthew Harris

In as much as Capt. Kelly Sweeney, of MARITIME HEADHUNTERS is concerned with regards to a total package of clear, honest, and fair representation he is just that. His wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience in the maritime industry is without comparison. I would highly recommend his service without hesitation to anyone new or already established to plot a clear course to him to steer your course to a credible career.

- K. Jordan Simien

To the Mariner looking for a job, this is my no BS testimony as to Capt. Sweeney's professional attitude and integrity in his ability to find the right job with your credentials. His knowledge of the maritime companies and contacts are second to none, which gives him the ability to find the right job for you. He found 2 jobs for me the same day I called him, so now I'm sailing for a world-class institute on a global class research ship. Give Capt. Sweeney a call or an email at Maritime Headhunters LLC. You won't be sorry you did.

- Craig Hunt

Thank you for the opportunities you have afforded me, past & present. I really can't thank you enough for all you have done for me so far.

- Joselyn White

Thank you, Capt. Kelly. My sister (first engineer) had told me you were the guy to go through. I gave you all my info, and what I was looking for and you nailed it spot on!

- Aaron Stump

I am very pleased with the business relationship that I have shared with Capt. Kelly Sweeney and Maritime Headhunters over the past year and a half. I have found his services to be very friendly and reliable. His ability to place me in two different jobs in an extremely quick manner has greatly helped me to accelerate the job search process and my career.

- Kyle Luetjen

I am truly amazed at how quickly, efficiently, professionally, and painless the entire process was. Even after being out of the Maritime Industry for over 4 years now, you were able to place me within one phone call: incredible. I will be recommending your services to my fellow mariners, as well as, looking forward to future placements through your services. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

- Steven Mauceri

I tried looking for temporary work on my own with no luck so I registered online with a few different maritime employment services that charged a registration fee and didn't hear anything back from any of them. It was a slow time of year and I had a certain time frame that I was available to work so it didn't surprise me. I had heard about Maritime Headhunters, went to and in just a few minutes I was all set up- with no upfront fee. The next day, I got a phone call from Capt. Kelley Sweeney himself! He had a couple of jobs that were open, fit my time frame and were exactly in the line of work I was looking for. I picked the one that sounded best, did the job and got back home with absolutely no hitches or surprises. Capt. Sweeney definitely has a good network for finding mariners the work they need - I've been sailing on towing vessels all over North America for well over a decade so I have a pretty good idea where to look and both the jobs he had available were ones that I never would have found on my own. I would absolutely recommend Maritime Headhunters as your first choice.

- Justin Earl

I contacted Captain Sweeney through an email and he was quick to respond. It was also no time before he called me with possible work. He called frequently and backed me up through the entire process, even helping negotiate my wage, and didn't stop checking with me till I was sailing. I felt more like it was a friend who'd gotten me a job than a headhunter. The cost was more than fair, and he even checked with me before cashing a check. I've kept in touch and he's given me good, sound advice since then, even while working. If I need a job again some time, he's the FIRST person I'll call, and would recommend his quality services to anyone. What a bargain!

- Barry Loehr

After graduating from a maritime academy with my AB special I had a great deal of difficulty finding a job in the industry. I decided to try Captain Sweeney's Maritime Headhunters, and aside from being treated with courteous, professional, and highly personalized service, I also got a job. Kelly will work with you one on one till you are a working member of the maritime community. I would recommend this service to anyone searching for a great job in the maritime community.

- Ryan Wood

I can't thank you enough for your willingness to help me launch this next phase of my employment. I especially appreciate that you introduced me to other professionals in your network, and I am very much looking forward to the possibility of working with you again. Thank you for your help Captain.

- Aleks Rossinski

Capt. Sweeney is the man to know if you're seeking employment in the maritime industry. He works fast and landed me a job within a week. Capt. Sweeney is also one of the nicest people you will ever talk to and has a true passion for the maritime industry.

- Kevin Denien

Captain Kelly Sweeney steps up to the gangway. I can tell you, he will find you that job that fits your needs and skills. Captain Sweeney is well known by employers and they know they can turn to him for qualified and skilled mariners like myself. Captain Sweeney is very easy to talk to and understands what we go through. Captain Sweeney found me my perfect job, that fits my skills and type of vessel that suits me best. I have nothing but the best to say for the man. So this is for all of you people who may be skeptical about going through a headhunter, as a last ditch effort to find work. In this time and age, job opportunities are thin and employers have their pick of the litter, not like 10 years ago when things were the other way around. So with that in mind Captain Kelly Sweeney is the way.

Thank You Captain Kelly Sweeney, for all your time and effort on my behalf.

- Jeff Sylvia

In a who-you-know not what-you-know world, Capt. Kelly at Maritime Headhunters is definitely one to know. Kelly takes the time to get to know you and your career path and matches you with the right gig every time. Maritime Headhunters has always been the first one I call when shipping is a bit slow. I would recommend Kelly if you find yourself in the same spot, or are looking to change course and speed.

- Joe Mactavish

Captain Kelly Sweeney and Maritime Headhunters is an excellent referral service for people in the maritime industry. I've had, and will continue to use his service.
He has been very professional and straight forward in all our conversations we've had to date.
A real straight shooter and stand up guy, in my opinion, who delivers with results.

- Peter Ruetmann

Captain Kelly Sweeney is the best in the business. If you are ready to go to work and have all your paperwork in order, call him. He has helped me many times, even when I was down and out. Captain Kelly Sweeney will work with you on a one to one basis, and I’m sure he can help.

- Charles Lee Eaton

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